Monday, July 19, 2010

Mother's Day, Birthday Surprise!

Mother's Day weekend is always inevitably our busiest weekend of the year. I generally don't sleep for 48 (sometimes 72!) hours straight while we're prepping and designing for our clients that weekend, and then after all our deliveries are out and we've cleaned up our workspace, I usually spend the remainder of the holiday in a comatose state. This year was no exception. However, in addition to our weddings and Mother's Day special orders, we also had the opportunity to fulfill a unique request.

I was contacted by someone local looking for flowers for his wife's 40th birthday (which happened to fall on Mother's Day this year). Apparently she had said that while she didn't want him to get her any gifts, she did want her husband to bring her flowers (and was expecting a $15.00 grower's bunch from Costco). Luckily, he had other ideas.

I met Christian and his children on the sly and had a chance to tour their beautiful Holladay home. After being shown all of his wife's most-frequently used spaces of the home, I came up with a design for each space and arranged to deliver and install the florals while they were out of town celebrating her birthday. Saturday evening came and Jessica and I made their home our last stop of the day. We had arrangements for most areas of the home: The kitchen, dining room, office, bedroom, laundry room, living room, family room, bath, even the outdoor patio tables. It was pretty fantastic! (Although Jessica spent the entire time waiting to hear the sound of sirens in the distance...even though I'm fairly certain the neighbors had been told of our impending arrival) On Sunday, the birthday-girl arrived home from her restful weekend to be greeted by her clean, decorated home. I did get a follow-up from Christian on Monday who said her reaction was awesome and that it was exactly what he had had in mind. I'm so glad it all turned out! I took these photos in their backyard (while I would have loved to have shown you how great it all looked in their home, I'd never take photos of someone's personal space!) and of course ran out of memory card space half way through. So here's what I've got. Use your imagination. :)

Can you imagine a sweeter gift???

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Traditional beauty.

Carolyn's intimate wedding was held in her backyard; an amazingly charming home on an amazingly charming street here in Salt Lake City. While I neglected to get a shot of her bouquet, you can take my word for it -- the whole event was lovely! Thanks Carolyn!