Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Out of the office...

Its that time of year again -- the one where I take off to CA for a couple weeks to do a little work and a lot of relaxing. I'm hopping a plane in a matter of minutes and won't be back in the office until June 2.

I will have limited phone access but will can be reached via email if necessary.

Have a great rest-of-May!


Meagan was married at Sundance a few weeks ago -- the bride and groom are from CO so this was another destination wedding (love those!).
She wanted arrangements that were very textured and organic. Both the bride and groom are very environmentally conscious and wanted that earthy look incorporated in their flowers. The colors were blues, greens, lavender, and orange. The centerpieces were in dark stained wood boxes (and each one was different), and the bouquets were wrapped in various colors of burlap and twine. Artistically, this was one of my favorite so far this year. How I love when a bride says, "You get the general idea -- do whatever you think looks best!"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I know that the majority of our readers are not yet mothers, but for those of you that are, please accept my most heartfelt of Mother's Day wishes! I don't think I fully appreciated all that my own mom sacrificed on my behalf until I started having kidlets of my own. Now I can see how much hard work, dedication, patience, and love are required to get through each and every day as a mother.

I, for one, had a fabulous Mother's Day. I got to sleep in until 10:00 AM which is so luxurious for any mom. If that weren't a treat enough,I was surprised with a half-dozen of the finest cupcakes in all of Utah from Minis. For those of you that haven't ventured to Minis, DO! Our resident food critic (Kathy) encouraged us to try Minis after a few visits to another local cupcake joint and they are mind-blowingly delicious! The Lemon Pie and Chocoholic are by far my favorites... Of course I had to share the cupcakes with a 4-year-old who only wanted to lick the frosting off the cake, but that seemed rather appropriate given the holiday.

These little arrangements are part of what our own mothers received today. My mom and Tyler's mom do so much to help us and our little company -- especially during our busy summer season. My kids are so lucky to be able to hang with their grandmas so frequently! They're also pretty dang lucky to be surrounded by such fabulous Whimsy women. Thanks to all our team (especially the ever-present Kathy) for being such important figures in my kids' lives. We love and appreciate you all.

Hope everyone had a great day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rain drops keep fallin' on my head...

I'm behind on my blog posts yet again, but I had to post about last night's event while the humor was still fresh...

Stacy and Nathan had a backyard reception. The weather around here has been gorgeous lately (albeit a little manic) so I was surprised when I woke up to rain. I called the mother of the groom to see what the plans were for inclement weather -- no changes, they were going to keep it outside. We showed up as planned to a damp but gorgeous backyard. Beautiful landscaping, an amazing tent... it was just perfect -- but drizzling. With positive thoughts we proceeded to setup our items and moved on to the arch we were to decorate. I am not exaggerating when I say that the moment we pulled out the ladder and got to work, the heavens opened and the rain came down. Minute by minute, the intensity of the showers increased and we came increasingly drenched. At first it was funny -- Kathy got a big kick out of the drops rolling off my big ol' nose -- but then it got harder to work. We couldn't see because of the rain in our eyes (I need to add a pair goggles to our toolboxes!), our layers of clothes and aprons were soaked through, our hair was plastered to our faces, and our hands were frozen making it difficult to work with wire and tools. Mind you, Kathy just came back (three weeks early!) from another back surgery, Michelle is 8 months pregnant, and I'm 5-foot-hardly-anything with terrible coordination standing on top of a very slippery metal ladder. I have it hand to them both -- other people would have up and left (don't think they didn't consider it) but they plowed through the misery and we did the best we could considering the circumstances. Our clients were great. We got towels to dry off with, extra coats to wear while we were working, and hot chocolate before we packed up and left. When she was leaving Michelle aptly commented, "Well, it definitely wasn't the most fun wedding we've done, but it was memorable, that's for sure..." We snapped a photo of the three of us before we got in the car (l-r: Kathy, Michelle, and me). You can't see our drenched clothes, but the soaked hair (post towel-dry) and lack of makeup say it all. We love our clients and will always do everything we can to make their day perfect -- even if it means a little discomfort to us now and again. I was so glad to hear this morning that not long after we left, the rain subsided and they had dry skies for the majority of the reception! Phew!

The moment I got home and unloaded the car, I went straight to the shower and stayed there until the hot water ran out. I hope K & M did the same. You girls are awesome!