Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whimsy gets a face lift!

I'm not deluded enough to think that anyone is laying awake at night wondering where we've been for the past couple weeks, but I figured it appropriate to at least begin to explain our absence. We've been hard at work (and I mean hard -- you should see the dark circles under my eyes...concealer doesn't even hold a chance against these puppies!) giving Whimsy a much needed face lift. After a few very successful years, our little company seemed to deserve some sort of refreshment, and since we can't take a business entity to a spa for a weekend, we did what we could and shed a few pounds making our image a little lighter, a littler brighter, and a lot more refined. Our logo has been overhauled, our marketing material redesigned, and we'll be unveiling a brand new website in the next few days! We're so pleased with our little "face lift" and can't wait to show it off to the world!
All our team members are just swooning over the new logo (I think they're just excited to get new business cards, really...), but Tyler and I are much more excited about the website. A word of caution: we won't have the HTML portal up for another week or so, so dial-up users beware -- the flash portal may prove to take too long to load for you guys so either take a look on someone else's bandwidth or wait until the HTML side is up and running.

Just to prove we're still busy with the important stuff, I'm including a photo of centerpieces from this past weekend. I love the contrast of bold colors in the spring. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Corsages, Boutonnieres, and Bouquets -- Oh My!

Last night was Haley's reception at The Old Meeting House. Rather than putting a lot of money into her decor, she decided to do something that I'd never seen before -- she decided to honor and recognize ever member of her immediate and extended family by providing each of them with the appropriate worn flowers. That amounted to 34 boutonnieres, 14 pinned corsages, and 20 wrist corsages. What a fantastic idea! I love that she made her wedding less about herself and more about the wonderful people in her life and how much she enjoys spending time with them. Let me tell you though, we all had wrist cramps by the end of the day. It was such a dreary day over here so the pictures turned out pretty drab -- you'll have to use your imagination since I wasn't able to begin to capture the vibrancy of the colors. Her bouquet was absolutely gorgeous, and probably one of the best smelling bouquets I've...smelled, I guess. Because it was a country-themed wedding, we made her bouquet a little unruly and textured with a number of different colors and shapes. Flowers in her bouquet included two varieties of yellow Dutch tulips, yellow and red ranunculus, a greenish-yellow hypericum berry, muscari (otherwise know as grape hyacinth), daffodils, Gold Strike roses, Monte Casino asters, cream freesia and snapdragons, Mardi Gras solidago, and a collar of variegated mini pitt. Her wrap was a simple white satin with three thin sage satin ribbons secured with pearl pins to mimic a detail found in her dress. The cake was significantly more simple than the bouquet -- a top tier treatment of Gold Strike roses, solidago, and Monte Casino, with two small bundles of yellow spray roses, muscari, pitt, Monte Casino and solidago on the bottom tier. Again, I apologize for the photography. Hopefully I'll be able to get some decent shots from her photographer...

Today after my consultations, I was able to provide photographer-friend Anna Page Wheeler (Anna Page Photography) with a bouquet for a special bridal session she's doing downtown this afternoon. Since I'm just dying for this winter to come to an end, I played up on the spring time theme with a small bouquet of pink and yellow ranunculus, yellow tulips, green hypericum, yellow spray roses, cream freesia, and lily grass. Sweet and simple. I hope her photo shoot goes well and can't wait to see the pictures!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Pretty at The Point

Last night was Angela's reception at The Point. We love The Point -- they do such an excellent job at making things look classy, you can't beat the view, and the money made from the events held there goes straight to the Huntsman Cancer Institute to fund additional cancer research. Not a bad way to kick off married life. Good karma.

Angela's wedding used lots of white with splashes of purple and black. You can't get more simple than the bouquet she chose -- white vendela roses and a sprinkling of purple mini calla lilies. Clean, sophisticated, no bells and whistles. Her cake, on the other hand, was a completely different story. This cake was huge. I remember her telling me in one of our conversations that more than anything, she wanted a tall cake. She definitely accomplished that! We literally had to stand on a chair, on our tip-toes just to do the top tier.

This cake turned out gorgeous. The top tier consisted of white roses, purple freesia, and myrtle. Between the separated tiers, we packed more white roses, purple roses, purple freesia, white Oriental lilies, seeded eucalyptus, and myrtle. This was a special cake for one of our staff members. Why? Because it was Assistant Designer Kristin's first solo cake! Kristin joined our team at the beginning of October and has proven herself to be an incredibly valuable asset to our company. She's worked hard at her training these past five months, and while there's more to go, this cake was an important step she's been working up to. Congratulations Kristin! You did a fantastic job!

Coming up next week, Haley's reception at The Old Meeting House. 14 pinned corsages, 20 wrist corsages, 34 boutonnieres... I'd better get started on those bows!