Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kristen's garden reception

It was a scorching hot Saturday but this wedding party wasn't letting that stop them. What a pleasure it was for us to spend a few moments with them. Weddings are generally happy occasions, but there was so much laughter and genuine celebration going on, you know they were in for a fun evening.

Kristen's flowers were soft and feminine -- very much a garden feel to go along with their backyard reception. She chose Akito and white spray roses along with multiple colors of purple lisianthus for her bouquet. Her centerpieces were mounded arrangements of Akito roses, purple lizzy, Shasta daisies, and wired blue delphinium. Her focal pieces placed at various points in the yard were large, unruly arrangements of roses, gerbs, lilies, daisies, lizzy, delphinium, snapdragons, hydrangea, Bells-of-Ireland, and greenery.

It's a busy week for us here at Whimsy. The first week of August is traditionally our busiest week of the summer and this year is no exception. We've got the weddings of Kim, Glena, and Nicole coming up in the next few days. All completely different flowers and styles, so it should be fun. Stay tuned for those photos!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Amy's Bridals

After being very persistent with Comcast, Tyler was able to get to someone who was able to help us find a quick band-aid solution for the whole modem fiasco. (I knew there had to be something we could do in the meantime...) They're still sending someone out with a new modem tomorrow, but hopefully whatever he did will hang in there until it arrives.

A HUGE thanks to Anna Page Photography for the blog shots of Amy's bridals on Saturday (love that girl!!!). Apparently they trudged up to the outback of Park City for their shoot. Check out Anna's blog for more gorgeous photos of the shoot -- I love the photos taken in the canoe on the lake. (see Anna's blog) Amy's one brave girl!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

No internet until Tuesday...

Just to let everyone know...

Our Comcast cable modem went ka-putt yesterday. We went through their automated service system, got to a human being, and were told someone has to come out to "look" at the problem (we know what the problem is -- they need to give us a new modem!). When is the soonest they can make it to our house? Tuesday. Thanks a bunch, Comcast.

What does that mean? I'm internet-less until they show up on Tuesday (provided they bring a new modem with them and don't pull the old "Oh. Wow. You need a new modem. We'll ship you one -- you should get it in 5-7 business days...") SO...If you need something between now and then, give me a call -- don't rely on my email. I promise I'll make a trip or two to Starbucks to use their Wi-Fi, but the phone will be a heck of a lot more reliable. I apologize for the inconvenience. No internet access for a workaholic like me is almost unbearable. I appreciate your patience while we get it fixed!

Have a fabulous week!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another busy Saturday

It was an early morning for part of our team. Jessica and I headed up to Red Butte Gardens at 7:00 AM to setup for Lyanna and Alan's ring ceremony and morning reception. Her colors were pink and brown with accents of white. She had Infatuation roses, freesia, lisianthus, stephanotis, and bouvardia in her bouquet. The centerpieces were contemporary, monobotanical designs of mini callas, roses, and orchids. It was a gorgeous morning...

Also today are Jenny and Amy's bridal sittings. Jenny's consisted of vendela roses and black mini callas, and Amy's was of Freedom roses and white mini gerbs. Sweet and simple for both. Jenny's photo is a little dark -- I was taking the picture at 6:30 AM this morning before we left for our delivery...

On the calendar for this week -- Kristen's wedding and reception on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I was pretty excited for Haley this morning as I stepped outside and saw that with the cloud cover, the temperature was a comfortable 80-ish degrees. I grabbed my son and ran to the park (since being outside has become a novelty with the recent heat wave) and lo and behold, we weren't there for more than 20 minutes before the clouds parted, the sun started blaring, and we all went running for our cars. It ended up being a hot day after all...

Still -- today's wedding (bride=Haley) was up at Log Haven so at least there will be an ever-so-slight difference in temp. The colors she chose matched the day perfectly: Hot pink, Tangerine Orange, and Apple Green. Very hot, very fun...spicy! I'm including photos of her bridal bouquet (Shocking Versilles, Super Green, and Tropical Amazon roses, green hypericum, kermit poms, mini cymbidiums, and hot pink and tang. orange mini gerbs with a hot pink satin wrap with apple green satin ballet overlay) and one of her bridesmaid clutches (roses, kermits and gerbs). Stay tuned for Lyanna's wedding on Saturday as well as Jennifer and Amy's bridal sitting bouquets. Until then, keep cool!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The new "It" color

Green is definitely the "It" color of the season. We've got a lot of green events coming up and lasting through the fall. I love green as it can be paired with so many colors and still look so fresh. The most popular combinations right now pair green with either eggplant, black, or chocolate, along with soft creams or white. Love it!

Saturday was Nicole P.'s wedding and reception at The Memorial House. She's a gorgeous girl so I'm excited to see the shots from her photographer. I'm including some photos I took. Her bouquet was made of of vendela and avalanche roses, mini and regular cymbidium orchids, eggplant orchids, variegated lily grass, and green hypericum berries. Her bridesmaids' carried bouquets of vendela roses, mini cymbidiums, and green hypericum berries. You'll also see some of the table centerpieces. Not shown are the candlescapes she chose -- Cylinders in different shapes containing white pillar candles and green and eggplant ribbon treatments. We placed those on the fireplace mantle for use in her ceremony and they were later moved to the tables and paired with the cymbidium orchids on black river stone... It was elegant and clean and a lot of fun for us to be a part of!

I call it Bubble Gum Pink...

Our pink events are finally winding down. Here's a few photos from one of our last -- a fun shower over the holiday weekend...

July chaos at Whimsy

I've been so busy with work and life that posting has been nearly impossible for the past couple weeks, so I apologize. Many of you know we're doing a major overhaul on our house -- completely remodeling an entire level. I knew I would be without a kitchen due to the 10 days that lapse between the time a granite template is made and the countertop is installed, as well as lacking basic necessities such as running water, appliances, etc. (not to mention the incredible construction dust!) so I purposefully took a mini-vacation by blocking out the week and a half things would be the most torn up. Week and a half? Ha! We are still using my workshop as our kitchen (thank goodness for the second kitchen!), the countertop is in and beautiful but we still have no water, the appliances haven't been delivered yet, but it wouldn't matter anyways because everything is such a mess and the floor hasn't even been started. Our main bathroom has been completely gutted down to the studs, and it feels like the project will likely never end! But life goes on and work goes on, and our summer wedding schedule has resumed despite the interesting production circumstances. Thank goodness for awesome staff who pretend not to care that they're tripping over each other and everything else in their way around here.

So before I go back to breaking up old baseboards, I'll post a few photos of our recent doings. We've done quite a few bridals in the past couple weeks, but haven't managed to take any photos before they're picked up. Sorry! You'll just have to wait to see the weddings... Coming up on our calendar: Tomorrow is Haley's wedding at Log Haven, and Saturday is Lyanna's reception at Red Butte. We've also got two bridal sittings this week, so there will be some nice diversity in the flowers used...hopefully I'll find time to post photos! Take care!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy July!

Friday was Alisa's wedding at Millcreek Inn. This was one gorgeous wedding! Lindsey Hale did the photography -- I didn't take even one shot of my own -- so the moment I get some images from her, I'll post them. You're going to LOVE this wedding! They went all out with their centerpieces. My team had a definite favorite among the designs -- I'll let you all vote on your favorite when you get to see the photos!

Kim had her bridals today. Her colors are deep red, dark orange, and a golden yellow. Here's her simple little bouquet for her bridal sitting. Stay tuned for her wedding in August!