Monday, July 16, 2007

July chaos at Whimsy

I've been so busy with work and life that posting has been nearly impossible for the past couple weeks, so I apologize. Many of you know we're doing a major overhaul on our house -- completely remodeling an entire level. I knew I would be without a kitchen due to the 10 days that lapse between the time a granite template is made and the countertop is installed, as well as lacking basic necessities such as running water, appliances, etc. (not to mention the incredible construction dust!) so I purposefully took a mini-vacation by blocking out the week and a half things would be the most torn up. Week and a half? Ha! We are still using my workshop as our kitchen (thank goodness for the second kitchen!), the countertop is in and beautiful but we still have no water, the appliances haven't been delivered yet, but it wouldn't matter anyways because everything is such a mess and the floor hasn't even been started. Our main bathroom has been completely gutted down to the studs, and it feels like the project will likely never end! But life goes on and work goes on, and our summer wedding schedule has resumed despite the interesting production circumstances. Thank goodness for awesome staff who pretend not to care that they're tripping over each other and everything else in their way around here.

So before I go back to breaking up old baseboards, I'll post a few photos of our recent doings. We've done quite a few bridals in the past couple weeks, but haven't managed to take any photos before they're picked up. Sorry! You'll just have to wait to see the weddings... Coming up on our calendar: Tomorrow is Haley's wedding at Log Haven, and Saturday is Lyanna's reception at Red Butte. We've also got two bridal sittings this week, so there will be some nice diversity in the flowers used...hopefully I'll find time to post photos! Take care!

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