Monday, July 16, 2007

The new "It" color

Green is definitely the "It" color of the season. We've got a lot of green events coming up and lasting through the fall. I love green as it can be paired with so many colors and still look so fresh. The most popular combinations right now pair green with either eggplant, black, or chocolate, along with soft creams or white. Love it!

Saturday was Nicole P.'s wedding and reception at The Memorial House. She's a gorgeous girl so I'm excited to see the shots from her photographer. I'm including some photos I took. Her bouquet was made of of vendela and avalanche roses, mini and regular cymbidium orchids, eggplant orchids, variegated lily grass, and green hypericum berries. Her bridesmaids' carried bouquets of vendela roses, mini cymbidiums, and green hypericum berries. You'll also see some of the table centerpieces. Not shown are the candlescapes she chose -- Cylinders in different shapes containing white pillar candles and green and eggplant ribbon treatments. We placed those on the fireplace mantle for use in her ceremony and they were later moved to the tables and paired with the cymbidium orchids on black river stone... It was elegant and clean and a lot of fun for us to be a part of!

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Anna Page Photography said...

Oh my gosh, those are beautiful! Love the colors.