Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I was pretty excited for Haley this morning as I stepped outside and saw that with the cloud cover, the temperature was a comfortable 80-ish degrees. I grabbed my son and ran to the park (since being outside has become a novelty with the recent heat wave) and lo and behold, we weren't there for more than 20 minutes before the clouds parted, the sun started blaring, and we all went running for our cars. It ended up being a hot day after all...

Still -- today's wedding (bride=Haley) was up at Log Haven so at least there will be an ever-so-slight difference in temp. The colors she chose matched the day perfectly: Hot pink, Tangerine Orange, and Apple Green. Very hot, very fun...spicy! I'm including photos of her bridal bouquet (Shocking Versilles, Super Green, and Tropical Amazon roses, green hypericum, kermit poms, mini cymbidiums, and hot pink and tang. orange mini gerbs with a hot pink satin wrap with apple green satin ballet overlay) and one of her bridesmaid clutches (roses, kermits and gerbs). Stay tuned for Lyanna's wedding on Saturday as well as Jennifer and Amy's bridal sitting bouquets. Until then, keep cool!

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