Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Friday!

I find it humorous that the whole "purple flower" theme is continuing -- completely unintentionally might I add!

There's something to be said about simplicity. I'm a huge fan of arrangements containing one variety of flower (flashback to the days when Martha Stewart was the authority on all things design -- she's still a huge proponent of single variety arrangements). They're clean and fresh and really speak to certain personalities. These tulip arrangements made a statement of their own. The thing I love about tulips is their refusal to be tamed. People think they are a meek little flower, but anyone who has spent time with them knows they have a mind of their own. They are extremely sensitive to light and tend to bend towards the sun. They also continue to grow in the water after they've been cut (did you know that?). This makes them best suited for more textured, free-form designs. Luckily, this bride wanted just that. Can you think of a better way to perk up an inversion-plagued day like today?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Perfectly purple

Purple is my favorite color. Always has been. I was born with a purple gene, I think. I just never get tired of it!

Apparently I'm not the only one. I've had quite a few brides ask about purple flowers as of late. Lavender colored flowers are not at all uncommon during the spring and summer months. You see them everywhere. Lately brides are not asking for light purples, however. They're wanting them dark, and the darker the better. Since "what flowers come in dark purple?" is becoming a question I'm getting frequently, I thought I'd address that quickly.

When it comes to the darker purples, you've got a few options. Lisianthus and freesia both come in a darker hued purple -- close to the same hue, actually, so if you're going with a monochromatic theme, you could easily pair the two together. While those varieties are generally available year-round, the other gorgeous purple is not. Anemones are available only during the late winter/spring months. They come and go quickly. You can't beat the beauty of those dark, fluttery petals and black eye center, though. There are also a few limited varieties of mini callas that are or contain purple (as a bi-color) -- not always easy to find, but you could always go with what we refer to as a "black" calla which is super dark with a tinge of purple in its blackness. (and for those that are not purists, those can always be tinted to look a little more purple if necessary) Lastly, you can always look for hydrangea or irises. There are also smaller or filler flowers (lavender varieties, delphinium, agapanthus, grape hyacinth, etc.) that might fit the bill but may be on the lighter side.
Bottom line, they're out there. If purple is what you love, go for it! Whether its your star bloom, or just an accent, purple is a rich tone that adds a definite element of luxury to your color palette.

And yes, I had purple flowers at my wedding...I'm so predictable sometimes!

Jewel toned bouquet from Abigail's wedding January 5, 2007 (reception at the 23rd Floor in the Wells Fargo Building). Purple Lisianthus, "Wanted" roses, cream freesia, stephanotis and purple satin ribbon with gold wire details.
Anemones in various colors.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Ashley's photos

The photographer's photos came today for Ashley's wedding a few weeks ago on December 30. What a beautiful bride! She used Cherry Love roses, white and burgandy mini callas, and white freesia in her bouquet. The rest of her arrangements had those flowers plus mini cymbidium orchids, Vendela roses, Cherry Love roses, hypericum berries, various greens, pears and cranberries! Once I have a second to sort through them, I'll post a few reception flowers. For now, here's a quick peek -- a cute one from her bridals, and one following her ceremony...

You can tell spring is on the horizon...

I can always tell that spring is right around the corner when my phone starts ringing off the hook with prospective clients wanting to schedule wedding consultations. I love doing consultations. It gives me a chance to get to know the bride/couple, get a feel for the style of their event, and create, create, create! I've been pleasantly surprised by the diversity in colors so far this season -- brides are breaking out of the mold and choosing colors that really appeal to them as opposed to choosing the colors they see in the magazines. I have high hopes for very FUN spring and summer wedding seasons!

We had 5 couples book their weddings with Whimsy this past week:

Sarah and Tyler, February 24, at The Gathering Place
Angela and Craig, March 1, at The Point
Haley and James, March 9, at The Old Meeting House
Nick and Stephanie, April 4, at The Old Meeting House
Alisa and Brandon, June 29, at Millcreek Inn

Welcome! We're so glad to be working with you!

A note about consultations:
Weekend wedding dates are filling up fast. Just a reminder that if you're thinking you may be interested in what we can do for you, its best to call early on for your consultation to make sure someone else doesn't grab your wedding date! Its also a good idea to know your schedule and the schedule of those that will be joining you at your consultation when you call to make an appointment. With the amount of consultations we're doing each week now, you likely won't be able to call and get in the next day (maybe not even that week), though we try to accommodate everyone as best we can. We'll get you in a soon as possible! I promise!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Savvy shoppers take note --

Between the caterer, invites, dresses, and of course flowers, I know how stretched a bride's budget can get. And like me, some of you simply revel in the victory of a penny saved. So super quick shopping tip for the weekend:

Sadly, almost any store worth shopping at in the Cottonwood Mall is pulling out and leaving in the next few weeks. Many are having their final day TODAY. Bath and Body Works and Express for Men are closing shop tonight. So if you're in need of any bridesmaid gifts, why not some goodies from B&BW? If you're still looking for ties for fathers and groomsmen that match your colors, try Express for Men. AND, while its not closing for a couple more weeks, Hallmark has marked everything in the store 50% off. Still need a guestbook? Thank you cards for all those gifts? Cute picture frames to accent your decor? Get over there while things are still in stock.

Happy shopping!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Blogging 101...

Call me technologically old school -- I don't own an iPod and I haven't the foggiest idea how to text from my cell phone. I do, however, sport a MacBook, attempt to use Photoshop, surf Craigslist, and am in the process of building a mean home theater system with my cute husband. So after literally 16 years of using the internet (I had an aol address when it was still a beta program!) I am taking the advice of friends and clients and entering the realm of bloggers. Not that any of you reading this are all that interested in my electronic know-how. You want to learn more about my second child, Whimsy Floral. So that's what you'll get. In this blog (provided I can make the time to post), I'll let you know what we've been up to professionally, as well as highlight the happenings of our talented and dedicated staff. Please feel free to check back often and don't hesitate to drop me an email if I start slacking off on posting.

Photo by kate benson photography -- seriously one of the most talented photographers in Utah. If you're in the market for one, visit her website at!