Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Perfectly purple

Purple is my favorite color. Always has been. I was born with a purple gene, I think. I just never get tired of it!

Apparently I'm not the only one. I've had quite a few brides ask about purple flowers as of late. Lavender colored flowers are not at all uncommon during the spring and summer months. You see them everywhere. Lately brides are not asking for light purples, however. They're wanting them dark, and the darker the better. Since "what flowers come in dark purple?" is becoming a question I'm getting frequently, I thought I'd address that quickly.

When it comes to the darker purples, you've got a few options. Lisianthus and freesia both come in a darker hued purple -- close to the same hue, actually, so if you're going with a monochromatic theme, you could easily pair the two together. While those varieties are generally available year-round, the other gorgeous purple is not. Anemones are available only during the late winter/spring months. They come and go quickly. You can't beat the beauty of those dark, fluttery petals and black eye center, though. There are also a few limited varieties of mini callas that are or contain purple (as a bi-color) -- not always easy to find, but you could always go with what we refer to as a "black" calla which is super dark with a tinge of purple in its blackness. (and for those that are not purists, those can always be tinted to look a little more purple if necessary) Lastly, you can always look for hydrangea or irises. There are also smaller or filler flowers (lavender varieties, delphinium, agapanthus, grape hyacinth, etc.) that might fit the bill but may be on the lighter side.
Bottom line, they're out there. If purple is what you love, go for it! Whether its your star bloom, or just an accent, purple is a rich tone that adds a definite element of luxury to your color palette.

And yes, I had purple flowers at my wedding...I'm so predictable sometimes!

Jewel toned bouquet from Abigail's wedding January 5, 2007 (reception at the 23rd Floor in the Wells Fargo Building). Purple Lisianthus, "Wanted" roses, cream freesia, stephanotis and purple satin ribbon with gold wire details.
Anemones in various colors.

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