Monday, January 22, 2007

You can tell spring is on the horizon...

I can always tell that spring is right around the corner when my phone starts ringing off the hook with prospective clients wanting to schedule wedding consultations. I love doing consultations. It gives me a chance to get to know the bride/couple, get a feel for the style of their event, and create, create, create! I've been pleasantly surprised by the diversity in colors so far this season -- brides are breaking out of the mold and choosing colors that really appeal to them as opposed to choosing the colors they see in the magazines. I have high hopes for very FUN spring and summer wedding seasons!

We had 5 couples book their weddings with Whimsy this past week:

Sarah and Tyler, February 24, at The Gathering Place
Angela and Craig, March 1, at The Point
Haley and James, March 9, at The Old Meeting House
Nick and Stephanie, April 4, at The Old Meeting House
Alisa and Brandon, June 29, at Millcreek Inn

Welcome! We're so glad to be working with you!

A note about consultations:
Weekend wedding dates are filling up fast. Just a reminder that if you're thinking you may be interested in what we can do for you, its best to call early on for your consultation to make sure someone else doesn't grab your wedding date! Its also a good idea to know your schedule and the schedule of those that will be joining you at your consultation when you call to make an appointment. With the amount of consultations we're doing each week now, you likely won't be able to call and get in the next day (maybe not even that week), though we try to accommodate everyone as best we can. We'll get you in a soon as possible! I promise!

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