Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anyone know a good plumber?

Photo of this weekend's centerpieces... Clustered pink and cream flowers with green accents. Peonies, hydrangea, lisianthus, bouvardia, poppy pods, heather, and hypericum berries.

Disaster strikes on Saturday!

We come home late Saturday night after being out all day to find the toilet tank in our main bathroom had cracked at some point and water had been leaking through the floor into our basement ceiling for who knows how many hours. The ceiling was significantly bowed right over MY desk (Whimsy central!), looking like it was going to burst at any moment. What a mess. The only silver lining to the situation is that we're already in the process of renovating our main kitchen and bathrooms (we hadn't gotten started on the big work in that bathroom yet), so all it did was add more work onto the already never ending list of tasks to be completed. So if you end up at my house for a consultation or to pick up flowers, don't ask to use the restroom -- I'll have to send you to the basement!

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