Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A moment of praise

I received the nicest email from the mother of a recent bride (Haley). Clients often send little notes of appreciation which always make our day, but Marcia's was so heartfelt I just had to share. Thank you so much! We love our clients!!!

"Long distance flower arrangements are never easy. My daughter was in Alaska, I (mother) was in Idaho, and Liz (Whimsy Floral) was in Utah; however, no one needed to worry: the flowers were absolutely amazing. Liz was careful to see to detail and was flexible and responsive. We hadn't planned on keeping these fresh flowers, but they were too beautiful not to save. They absolutely made the wedding. The bride's bouquet was vibrant and full. My complete endorsement goes to Whimsy Floral and the talents of Liz. Thank you for a memorable wedding.

Marcia McManus"

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