Monday, October 22, 2007

Introducing the newest addition to Whimsy...

He's finally here!

I'm 2 weeks late in posting this little announcement, but given the circumstances, I hope you all can forgive me. Sam was born October 5 at 9:16 PM. He was 7 lbs., 3 oz. and looked exactly like his big brother, Jonah (who's so excited to finally have a sibling to share his parents with). He's a little over 2 weeks old now and is just the sweetest, most mild little guy -- more like his dad than me, I guess. It's been fun having a baby around the house again which makes the exhaustion worth it. Thanks to everyone who's been checking in. I appreciate your concern and support!

Just a reminder that we're still scheduling event consultations, though available slots will be limited to Saturdays and some weekday evenings for the next little while. Any questions, feel free to call or email.

Take care!

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Opie said...

Congrats Liz he's beautiful!