Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Looking for qualified team members

It's that time of year again...We're hiring!

We're looking for 1-2 individuals to join our team and alleviate some of our summer crunch. Both positions are part-time and require candidates to maintain a flexible schedule, especially Thursday-Saturday. Candidates must be available during the spring and summer months (no 4 week trips to Europe!) and be physically able to stand for long periods of time and do frequent lifting. Successful employees may be invited to stay on the team through the fall and winter. Interested candidates should review the following brief summaries and contact me to receive a more detailed job summary and submit a resume.

Design Assistant:

This individual will be responsible for executing pre-determined wedding designs as well as event set-up and break down. Contact with clients and other vendors is required. There is potential for advancement with this position.

Must have previous, verifiable floral or design experience.
Have a sharp eye for color and design.
Have the ability to consistently work with speed and accuracy.
Be able to replicate designs with little to no instruction.
Have excellent people, communication, written communication and customer service skills.
Have the potential to manage production staff and event sites.
Must remain positive and thrive in potentially high stress environments.

Production Assistant:

This individual will be responsible for the processing and conditioning of floral material, design prep work, cleaning and organization, packing and transporting, event setup and breakdown, and limited floral design tasks. There is potential for advancement with this position.

Must have the ability to learn quickly and work with speed and accuracy.
Be physically able to perform tasks.
Have a desire to be involved in tasks that go beyond job description.
Be pleasant, cooperative, and helpful to team members and clients.
Be willing and able to assume new tasks as needed.
Participate in event setup and breakdown and bouquet deliveries as needed.

We have a blast doing what we do. Don't get me wrong -- this is hard work! If you love the wedding industry, flowers, and all things beautiful, and want to pick up a few extra hours this spring, summer and beyond, drop me and email. We'd love to see if you meet our requirements and are a good fit for our team.

A texting update...

After my posting last night, I started getting texts from people who apparently agree with my rantings. Then this morning I opened up my email to find similar sentiments from people who agree but encourage me to keep at it. So I'm not alone? I guess that's a good thing. I still intend to get comfortable with texting because I don't think its a form of communication that is going to be replaced any time soon, but I may just grump and grumble for a while for the fun of it. One thing I have discovered -- its actually kind of exciting to receive a text, provided I don't feel compelled to reply in the same manner. Would you believe I had no idea I had an inbox full of texts I'd never read? I always wondered what that sound was...

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audrey/studio stems said...

i am a little far from gorgeous but thanks! blog and site look great! i need to hire ... urg hate that. my assitant is leaving on her mission tomorrow in fact. i have sort of maybe's but nothing concrete. and i dont text ... at least well ... either!