Wednesday, March 26, 2008

{so happy...}

I come from a fairly small family by society's standards and only have two cousins on my paternal side. My cousin Katy has always been my kindred spirit. Our family is very involved in each other's lives so we were always together growing up -- whether we wanted to be or not. Over the years we have endured quite a bit of family tragedy which has forged an even closer bond between us. She's a couple years younger than me, but as a child was my best friend, and as an adult, has become someone I truly respect and admire. This past week Katy called to tell us she was engaged to her love, Nolan. Nolan (and her relationship with him) has been around for a long time -- longer than either of my children. Tyler and I adore him and the role he has assumed in Katy's life. We've been waiting (and waiting, and waiting!) for this announcement and could not be more delighted. It's funny -- my life is consumed by weddings and I find excitement in each event I'm involved with. This time however, I'm a little surprised that I feel SO overjoyed by this union. I suppose its because I've traveled along with them on this journey and have been there though the ups and downs. I've watched them grow. I've watched them learn to trust. And I was there as they finally began to understand what it meant to love with your whole heart and spirit. The wedding is tentatively set for the fall, and I'll be heading out to CA to be a part of it. Tyler and I can't wait. We're just so happy... Congratulations sweet Kate and Nolan!

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Kathy said...


Is that brown-haired little girl you? It seriously seriously seriously just looks like Jonah in a brown wig. HOW weird. And I always thought Jonah looked so much like Tyler...

Congrats on the happy news :) I wish the wedding was here, so I could play too!