Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dessert buffet? Yes, please!

What are we up to? I promise to pull my act together and start posting photos of stuff we've done lately -- soon. With two little boy birthdays to celebrate and preparations for an out-of-state wedding I'm doing next week in California, I haven't had much time to think about posting -- Still don't, actually, which is why I'm going to forgo Whimsy business for the most adorably delicious dessert table designer I've seen in a long time. (Note: Audrey -- I immediately thought about you when I saw this!)

When I got married a billion years ago (okay, eight!) we were at the height of the "cake buffet" trend. We still see them now and again, but when I did it (yes, I'm admitting it!), EVERYONE was doing it. Perhaps its because it was so much easier for the reception centers to handle logistically which resulted in heavy sales pitches and lower prices? Regardless, it was overdone and usually a big yawner -- a bunch of cakes all in a row with little else to nibble on or even look at. What if you weren't a cake eater? I tried to address that problem by offering fruit and crudites, some shrimp cocktail, a cheese plate, and chocolate covered strawberries. Even so, it was a feeble attempt and one that I try not to think about for fear of lingering embarrassment. These days, brides are getting smarter by providing a larger assortment of sweet and savory items on on their buffet table. When it comes to the sweet, Amy Atlas Events does dessert tables right. If you're in need of a little inspiration, I highly encourage you to visit her site. Not only do her goodies look delicious, but its artfully presented which in my book is even more important sometimes (we eat with our eyes, too, people!).
I'm in love. How about you?

image courtesy Amy Atlas Events