Friday, December 18, 2009

Utah Bride Blog Post

Head on over to Utah Bride Blog to read my post titled "Anatomy of a {petite} Floral Budget." In today's "Flower Tip Friday" I provide a breakdown of the adjustments we were able to make to conform to one client's petite budget while still maintaining the quantities and quality she desired. Happy Reading!


Katie said...

i loved everything about this wedding the first time I saw it. I think it's a clever use of more "traditional" flowers in a contemporary design. I'm always looking for more cost-effective centerpiece designs and I've already used these photos for inspiration with a bride. I was curious, however if you'd be willing to share the price point on the centerpiece. I was curious about the number of lilies as their per stem cost can be a bit high (at least here in the mid-west!). thank you :)

Liz - Whimsy Floral said...

Katie -- Thanks for your question!
The price per table (for the florals, including the floating glad blooms at the base) was $75.00. I had 10-12 stems of glads in each, and 2-3 stems of white Orientals (3+ blooms on each stem). You could easily substitute with Asiatic to decrease the price a bit, or quite honestly, I think it would look fine without the lilies. Because the construction of the centerpieces was so simple (seriously -- a 15 minute centerpiece from start to finish), the price was lower than the typical formula I go by after product, rentals, and labor, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

Katie said...

thanks, Liz :)