Friday, March 26, 2010

Jenni @ Red Pine Lodge

It was a cold, cold day up in Park City for Jenni's wedding at The Canyon's Red Pine Lodge.

The bride was stunning (actually the whole bridal party was -- movie star-gorgeous!) and everyone seemed so happy. I love weddings where there's nothing but joy to go around.

Her colors were navy, hot pink, silver, and winter white. In the photos you'll see how things looked when we left them at 5:00 PM. After the sun went down, though, it went from bright and cheery to nightclub-chic! Each vase and vessel contained submersible lights so that once it got dark, the arrangements glowed from within. It took relatively simple arrangements to a completely different level. I'm so looking forward to seeing the nighttime transformation captured by the couple's amazing photographers from Sweet Memory Garden. I'll be sure to post them when I get them!

Another thanks to Michelle for bringing along her camera during this setup!


Audrey O'Brien said...

gooooorgeous dawling! love the use of pink flowers, some unlikelies great job!

Angie. said...

I love the work you did with the gladiolus! It looks so gorgeous!!

Melissa said...

Love all the bright PINK!! Gorgeous. Great job!!