Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're exhausted. Its been a whirlwind couple of weeks for our team! Wedding season is most definitely in full swing around here.

I'm so far behind on my blogging, I don't even know how to catch up at this point. So forget about going in order -- I'm going to start with today's and work my way backwards from there (in due time -- I need a nap first!).

This morning was Samantha's wedding in Park City. It was held at the most beautiful estate sitting on 17 acres of pure Park City-ness. The weather was amazing when we were there at 9:00 AM, and judging by the sun here in Salt Lake today, I'm certain it stayed that way for them. The photos are definitely sub-par due to the morning light, so pardon the glare off the glass. Samantha went with a very simple, contemporary style. Main floral players were green cymbidium orchids, eggplant and green goddess calla lilies, and green hypericum berries. Her bouquet was simply divine (I would SO carry that one down the aisle!), and we incorporated some fun accents such as coffee beans in her mixed arrangements. I wish we could have stuck around to see it all come together. There was supposedly a coffee-theme (hence the beans in the vase -- the bride and groom are from Seattle, WA) and I'm sure all the elements that were brought out after we left really pulled things together. One of my favorite parts of this wedding? The cake! The cake was done by Mike McCarey from Mike's Amazing Cakes in WA. Any Food Network watchers out there know exactly who he is! It was fun being able to finally see one of his creations up close. The cake was representative of the couple and their background -- mountains for their life in UT, the Space Needle for their life in Seattle, and I loved the tiny little coffee mug sitting next to the groom. How fun!

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