Thursday, June 5, 2008

"What I did on my summer vacation"

I'm back! I've been back for a couple days actually, but given that this weekend is the infamous 06-07-08, we hardly have time to breathe, much less catch up on blog posts. If we're taking longer than usual to return emails and phone calls, know we haven't forgotten about you -- we've just got to make it through this weekend!

California was lovely. Part work, part play, lots of time with family...very nice. One of the "play" activities was a visit to one of our favorite little spots -- The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Its a gorgeous greenhouse with various rooms displaying various vegetation in different climates. The orchids on display are simply mind-blowing. If only we could get stuff like that in Utah! I don't know how many hundreds of varieties we saw...its one of those places that is difficult to leave because of its quiet and serenity. I'm including a few photos of interesting orchids, as well as a shot of myself and the boys taking a rest in the Conservatory. They especially loved the live butterfly exhibit -- so fun!

One thing I have to note about my trip -- I had a couple interesting visits with wedding vendors while I was in CA and it reminded me of how lucky we are to have the quality of vendors that we do here in the Salt Lake area. There really is no comparison. We have a core group of vendors here that really strive to stay on top of the trends, produce an outstanding product, and have a strong commitment to customer service. Utah brides really do have an advantage over other states. Perhaps that's why we have so many destination weddings flocking to our state?

Lastly, while in San Fransisco, I was able to make a stop at Britex Fabrics and pick out the lace for my sister-in-law's wedding gown. What a fun experience! Britex is known as THE place to go for specialty and imported fabric and trim on the West Coast. It sits right on Geary Street and is the most amazing fabric shop you will ever visit! Specialty and imported fabrics and trims from ceiling to floor with the most professional and educated sales associates I've come in contact with...what a treat. I myself am a third-generation Britex bride so it was fun to be able to pass that tradition on to Tyler's sister. The lace is simple divine...the sophisticated embroidery will look stunning on Maren. Can't wait to see it done!


Audrey O'Brien said...

your making me miss "home" i am so jealous! looks like you had a good time i cant wait to maybe here more about it in detail some other time. this weekend is a big one for us too and its all i can do to get through it as well! have a good one. lets catch up soon!

Anna Page Photography said...

That lace is beautiful! I'm excited to shoot Maren's bridals :) Glad you had a fun trip to Cali as well. I shot a wedding there and visited Hollywood. I heart California!