Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Freedom Day!

The 4th of July has always seemed to make me homesick for all the other states I've lived and worked in. From California, New England, Texas, and others, I've enjoyed the many different ways each region celebrates this holiday. My favorite? Hard to say. In New Hampshire we had killer parades -- even Presidential candidates would come out for our local July 4th parade -- homes decorated to the nines, and the amazing Boston Pops fireworks display at night (which we could watch from the rooftop). In Dallas, large crowds would gather for BBQ, live music, and a pyrotechnics display that would light up the huge Texas sky. In the Bay Area, because of the fire restrictions that have been in force decades, we would schlep our lawn chairs out to the local fairgrounds to watch beautiful explosions and reminisce about the days when fireworks were "legal." And in Utah? Well, now I'm building memories with a 5-year old who can hardly sit still from all the excitement that comes from the anticipation of staying up late and heading up the hill to watch the valley's fireworks from Wasatch Blvd. I'm not an outwardly patriotic person, but I am so grateful to live in this country and experience the freedoms that we enjoy. I wish you all a wonderful 4th!

I'm including shots from Celia's bridal sitting bouquet in this post. White mini calla lilies, white cymbidium orchids, and Ballet perfectly petite and refined. Love it!

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