Friday, November 21, 2008

Becca's bridals and December scheduling

My card reader died unexpectedly so I have an SD card full of photos to share. I finally used the painfully slow reader on my printer to at least pull off this bouquet and make a post...

Becca's bridal sitting bouquet was a mass of yellow and red callas. Striking? Yes. Very bold color choice. I like a girl who's got guts. This is the same design she'll be carrying on her wedding day in December.

Speaking of December -- just a quick note about scheduling. I'm taking the majority of the month off for the holidays and will only be scheduling consultations for THREE DAYS out of the entire month. Three days. Got it? We'll be holding consultations on Saturday December 6th, Thursday December 18th, and Monday December 29th. Times are limited so plan ahead if you're hoping to get in during winter break.

I'll post photos of Allyse's Hidden Valley Country Club wedding soon...provided Tyler buys me a new card reader!

Happy Friday!

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