Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sally at Wadley Farms...sorta.

2009 is the year of pathetic-photography-syndrome for me. I mean, really -- I've never claimed to know anything about photography. I don't even know how to shoot outside of auto settings, but even with my lame preparation to take photos, up until now they haven't been THAT bad, right?
Well, ever since my Canon stopped focusing (about 6 months outside the warranty), we've been trying to decide what to do as a replacement or fix, and in the meantime have been borrowing an older model (which I've previously mentioned). And let me tell you, it is not working for me. I don't know why -- its hardly any different than my model, but I'm constantly plagued with memory problems (see Theresa at Noah's), and this time, a dead battery. Dead. I swear I never saw a battery icon blinking at me, but when we got to Wadley Farms and setup Sally's ceremony and reception, I got one fuzzy picture and then the camera gave up the ghost. So what I have to show you is a single bridesmaid bouquet I shot as we were loading the car, and a drunken, blurred buffet piece taken as I was gauging the indoor lighting situation -- and that's just so you can have a laugh at my expense and then feel sorry for me. When I get real photos from Swensen Photography I'll post them, but in the meantime, be grateful you haven't hired me to photograph your wedding! :D

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Rajee Sood said...

Oh the camera vows,but I just love your flowers ... always looking for your next post :)