Friday, December 28, 2007


It was such a dark day outside -- my photos of Alissa's bouquets are not so good.

These are a couple shots from today's wedding. The bride's bouquet consisted of Black and Freedom roses and lots of red gerbs. The bridesmaids had a mixed bouquet of red and white mini gerbs with white spider gerbs. Lots of red this holiday season...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Ours was so last minute! We completed enough of our remodel to accommodate my family who arrived Thursday from Denver. Its been so busy the past few months with the baby, Whimsy, and the house... The holidays came much too fast this year and we had to pack as much Christmas into this week as possible to make up for the lack of celebrations leading up to the day. (Imagine having your 4 year-old turn to you and say, "Look, Mommy -- It's Christmas at their house! When will it be Christmas at ours?" Break my heart!) I finally got the tree and a limited amount of decorations out the day before Christmas Eve. Now I just have to take it all down... Think anyone would notice if I left it up for another 12 months or so?

Stay warm -- this weather is crazy!

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