Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A few professional shots from Julie's Millcreek wedding. Sliver Pelican Photography.

A note about scheduling -- I always chuckle when I get a phone call this time of year from a bride saying they'd like to meet but there's no rush because their wedding isn't scheduled until April so they have plenty of time, etc. Plenty of time?! That's just crazy talk! Ladies, in the world of weddings, three to four months does not equal plenty of time. Don't forget that you have every other bride out there competing for the vendors you're interested in and its the ones that are on the ball and tackle everything from the get-go that get the vendors they want. Case in point: it is now mid-December and even though its three months away, we're just about to close our month of March to events. We've been booking March dates for months and I've got four separate consultations scheduled this weekend vying for the two openings I have remaining. Once those slots are filled, I'm not accepting any more weddings for that month (unless some sufficient begging and convincing occurs). The early bird really does get the worm in this case. I know I've said it a million times, but if you have certain vendors you think you'd like to work with, get on the phone, get something scheduled, and start the process early! Don't feel silly if you've only been engaged a week -- I once accepted a bride who was not officially proposed to yet but had a feeling it was coming and wanted to make sure she was on the books when it happened. And you know what? That bride was able to book her first pick of vendors in every area of her wedding. Now that is what I call a savvy planner. A little preemptive maybe, but savvy nonetheless!

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