Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Allegra's California bouquet

Reality is cruel.

Yesterday I left 60 degrees and sunny in California only to be welcomed-home by a Utah snow storm. Go figure!

Allegra and Anthony were married in Vacaville, CA. I couldn't bear the thought of bringing my huge SLR on the plane so I only took along my ancient point-and-shoot which resulted in a few measly photos of Allegra's bouquet. Vendela roses, spray roses, bouvardia, fressia, bella donna delphinium, and tulips. The night was beautiful -- so glad I was able to participate!

Now back to my very chilly Utah existence...!


Kathy said...

PRETTY!!! That is ONE FAT bouquet! I bet she was thrilled!

Liz - Whimsy Floral said...

Welllll...its appearance of girth is deceiving. Anne was the one holding the bouquet in the photo and she has hands the size of a five year old. Seriously. Half the size of my own and by no means are my hands large. She's downright tiny! ;)


liz! oh as usual a creative spin on it all! job well done and my guess is the bouquet was not only large but heavy even in the hands of a tiny individual. oh girl i miss you dearly. have some funny business stories for you! we need to catch up like over din or something!