Monday, September 14, 2009

Britteny at Log Haven

I've mentioned before that blue weddings are a tricky thing. I find quite often that people who choose blue as one of their wedding colors almost always want blue flowers. Honestly, there aren't many good options out there for a bride that wants blue flowers. Your most common true-blue choices are going to be delphinium, hydrangea, thistle, tweedia, and cornflower. Other varieties like blue lace, agapanthus, hyacinth and irises may be called blue, but trust me, those suckers are purple! The fact that there are so many different shades of blue doesn't help the situation, but it does open the door for possibilities. While I'm absolutely dead-set against stem-dying flowers (not my style), airbrushing is okay when done appropriately and with a variety that takes paint well, as in the case of the hydrangea we used for this wedding. Still, because I'm somewhat of a purist, that's the extent of any color alterations we did for this wedding, and I opted to focus most of our blue on the delphinium instead.

Britteny wisely chose to keep the bulk of her flowers cream, with accents of blue and green to pull from the peacock feathers she used throughout. The eating tables contained a variety of cubes featuring either mixed arrangements or wheat grass, and following the ceremony the lanterns were removed from the shepherds hooks and placed on the tables inside used for overflow seating. Thanks to OpieFoto for the images! To see more of this wedding, visit Opie's blogpost here.

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