Friday, September 4, 2009

Erika at The Point

I adore green weddings! (I'm talking color, here -- not eco-trend) When I think of green weddings, I think clean, streamlined, and oftentimes contemporary or organic. You rarely see green as the focal color in froofy, ornate events, and I'm not a froofy gal, so it makes sense that I love the crisp, cool feeling that the color green imparts. This simplistic wedding did not disappoint! The color combo of green, white and black is most definitely my current favorite. The bridal bouquet was made up of vendela roses, spray roses, mini callas, hypericum berries, freesia, and black-eye star-of-Bethlehem. The centerpieces were masses of green gladiolus and white oriental lilies with floating glad blooms at the base. The bridesmaids carried tiny clutches of roses, and...well, you can see the rest. Another big thanks to Michelle for her impeccable eye and beautiful photography.

Erika was a lovely bride. Simply lovely! So glad we were able to be a part of her day!

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