Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dhari's delicious bouquet

The blog is still the last to get my attention these days. I'm going to give it an "oh well" and leave it at that.
I did want to post these photos of Dhari's bridal bouquet. I fell so deeply in love with this bouquet, it was hard to hand over! Cream and flame mini callas, green cymbidium orchids, lily grass, variegated aspidistra leaves, and the slightest little peekaboo of black feathers...simple, yet textured. If I never get around to posting the rest of her flowers, so be it. This bouquet is gorgeous enough on its own! What a perfect end-of-summer/glimmer of fall color combo and design!

photos by Michelle.


info said...


Tiffany Izatt said...

I love the colors and i am a fan of calla lillies.

Something Borrowed Something Fabu said...

beautiful--the colors are gorgeous together!!!!

Remember When By Raquel said...

I just worked with a fun little bride that used some calla lilies in her bouquet and they looked great. I love the white calla lilies even in the winter because they look beautiful and the accent flowers really pop with all the white. Very delicious bouquet indeed!

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