Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sarah at Snowbird

Did you know that Utah is one of the fastest growing locations for destination weddings? It's true. I don't know if its our many recreational possibilities, our gorgeous canyons, or just because frankly, weddings cost about half the price in Utah as they do elsewhere in the country. Either way, we're seeing a lot of them this year.

Sarah and Ciri planned their wedding from London, where they currently reside. Their families live in various states throughout the US, so they decided to bring everyone out to the Rocky Mountains for their wedding. They were married at the Snowbird Cliff Lodge in an intimate ceremony and dinner with 50 or so of their closest friends and family. I was *so* excited to finally meet Sarah -- after months and months of correspondence, it was like I was being reunited with an old friend. Sarah was the bride of my dreams. Open-minded and gracious, she presented me with a single inspiration photo, a budget, and basically said, "Go at it. I trust you." And everyone was thrilled with the outcome.
The colors were purple, green, and silver. We came up with three centerpiece designs which allowed us to provide a good mix of textures and styles while still keeping with her target budget. (That's a really good tip -- if you love arrangements that are full and lush but can't afford the high price tag, choose one or two alternate designs that are on the other end of the price scale to balance things out) Sarah wanted a modern-romantic theme, so we infused both traditional and contemporary elements into each design in order to achieve that. The silver accents of the pillar holders and julep cups helped soften the convention-like feel of Snowbird's linens, place settings and chairs. Sarah's aunt provided little silver bells as favors -- so cute!
I apologize for overdoing it with the photos. Time is not my friend these days so rather than skip lunch to go through the photos, I'll put them all up for you to see! Dan Moss from Katie Moss Photography was Sarah's photographer. I can't wait to see his much more eloquent interpretation of our designs. Can. not. wait.

Did I mention purple is my favorite color? :)


Megan {Petals & Blooms} said...

great job, Liz! What a beautiful wedding!

audrey O'Brien said...

liz - stunning! loved all of it!