Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shelly's bridals

Yesterday was a doozie of a day, starting with a frantic 3 AM search for Benadryl and culminating with a dinnertime trip to Instacare where my four year old received three staples to his head after an unfortunate encounter with our granite kitchen counter top. After the kids were in bed and we were ready for the dreaded day to be over, I quickly checked my email and saw that sweet Chauntelle from Opiefoto had posted pics of Shelly's bridals. So gorgeous! It was a great end to an otherwise bummer of a day. Thanks for your beautiful work Opie!
(And isn't Shelly just beautiful??? Her bouquet featured Sweet Akito roses, dark ti leaves, green hypericum berries, seeded eucalyptus and young, budding curly willow...for those that might want to know...)


Audrey O'Brien said...

gorgeous liz as always! i hope your son is ok ... and days like that are so hard .. i am so sorry!

Kathy said...

Love the dark ti leaves! It's nice to see them used for something other than a tropical arrangement! Poor little kid. Hope he's feeling better!