Thursday, December 11, 2008

Allyse at Hidden Valley

Allyse had her reception at the Hidden Valley Country Club in Sandy. There's something about aspidistra leaves wrapped inside a vase that takes an arrangement to the next level. SO pretty...Especially for end-of-fall...

Funny thing about this wedding? A few days before the event I accidently sliced my wrist/forearm, requiring a good handful of stitches. You should have heard me laugh when the doctor told me not to get my wound wet for 10 days! (Floristry is a very messy, very wet job!) In addition to diligently wrapping my arm with cling wrap and tape day after day, Jessica totally came to the rescue by assuming responsibility for the soggiest aspects of this event. She's the best!

Don't you love how these arrangements turned out? Not bad for one-handed floral design... Well, technically it was nine-handed floral design, but who's counting? :)

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Adizat said...

very nice texture of flowers. Hope your hand is doing okay.