Sunday, December 28, 2008


I thought about Becca all day as we prepped for her evening reception: We've had such a biting, bone-chilling cold lately and I couldn't imagine standing outside smiling for photos in that kind of weather. One of the first things we asked about when we arrived at the reception venue was how the morning at the temple went and if everyone survived the chill. I was glad to hear the cloud cover broke, the sun was shining, the snow was white (no dirty snow!), and despite the obvious cold, spirits were high and the atmosphere was joyous. Can't wait to see pictures...I'm sure her bright bouquet had amazing contrast against the fresh snow.
The reception was held at the Springville Museum of Art. Lots of happy yellow with splashes of bright red. Not your typical Christmas wedding! The flowers we used: mini calla lilies, roses, oncidium orchids, tulips, freesia, asiatic lilies, hypericum berries, waxflower, and assorted greenery.
Congrats Becca and Mitchell!


Kathy said...

That first bouquet shot is killer! What a fun way to funk up a calla bouquet!!! Love those orchids!

Audrey O'Brien said...

all the way down to springville for you? wowsers, stunning! love the orchids! looks amazing as always! stay in touch!